Freelance .NET Developer

Full time freelance software developer, based in Nottingham, UK
Extensive commercial experience with c#, ASP.NET, Azure & Microsoft SQL Server



Fluent in c# and experienced with enterprise scale systems. Previous sites have included high traffic "storefronts" receiving 1.5 million unique visitors a month. Security and application performance are of particular interest. Currently I'm working with MVC, WebForms and Azure, and getting excited about Blazor.

Microsoft SQL Server

I have worked with SQL Server since 1998. Past projects have included TeraByte databases with billions of rows. I am a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) and believe a well thought-out database is as important to the success of an application as the design of its business layer.

HTML, JavaScript

I've used several JavaScript & CSS frameworks. I currently favour jQuery and BootStrap. My work in web development predates off the shelf controls, so I am familiar with the underlying technologies and can build from scratch where required.


I am experienced in working with designers and "wiring up" their work into an application. I understand HTML and CSS so I know how to create apps that are easily "skinnable". I work with a team of freelance designers, so if your project has a design element as well as a programming part I can deliver the full package.


I've been programming full time in various commercial environments for 20+ years.
I set up Dancing House Consulting in 2008 and have since been providing bespoke software & database development services to a range of clients.




I graduated in 1996 with a 2:1 BSc in Software Engineering.

Certified Professional

I have passed: CEH, CASE.NET, MCSD, MCBDA, MCSA, Security+
Verification codes available on request.


My full CV can be downloaded here.


I can be reached on 07811 561 543. My email is john {at}
I work standard UK business hours from my office in Hucknall, and from co-working spaces in Nottingham.
New projects are usually quoted at a fixed price. Once we get to know each other I can work on or off site at my hourly rate, or I can continue to work at fixed prices. Initial consultations and quotes are free.
My standard terms and conditions are here. They can be modified to suit your business if required.
LinkedIn has some client testimonials.

Availability for 2022

I am currently involved with several "full stack" support and development projects for a handful of excellent long term clients. I tend to be booked up to 3-4 weeks in advance, but I'm happy to connect with anyone who has non urgent requirements.

Are you a Freelance Developer too?

Over the years I've built up a network of trusted Freelance .NET Developers who have helped out on the bigger projects. I'm always keen to make contact with other Freelance Devs who might be able to help in the future.
If this is you, drop me a line on john {@}


Most of my work is "back-office" systems, used internally or in B2B situations, so I can't post links to them on this website. I can talk to you about my projects and give references when we first meet.
Here are some of the companies who have commissioned, or are still are running, software that I wrote: University of Oxford. University of Nottingham. JCB (UK). Sylvania Lighting (London). NG15 Ltd (Nottinghamshire). TalarMade (Chesterfield). Schaeffler (UK) Ltd. 2Roost Estate Agents (Sheffield). Poppleston Allen Solicitors (Nottingham).

Need more info?

Have a look at the sort of work that I've done to see if you think I'll be able to help.

Are you working for an Agency?

Have a look at the sort of help that I've given agencies in the past.