John Croasdale

Freelance .NET Developer

Examples of work:

Real Estate Portfolio Site

Working with an agency in Nottinghamshire I developed a front-end site & back-end system for a global real estate firm with revenues of $8 billion. My system was written in ASP.NET MVC and used SQL Server as the database. I worked with designers to create a high-end portfolio site to list multi millon pound properties. The database-driven application allowed agents to upload new properties and provided simple CRM functionality. The entire site was developed from scratch to be multilingual using the "WestWind" localisation libraries. Once the UK site launched the agency used my codebase, along with sets of professional translations, to quickly deploy multiple European langauge versions of the site.

ERP / eCommerce integrations

I've helped a few companies integrate their ERP data into eCommerce systems. Some of these projects have been simple APIs to receive the ERP data and transform it into data for the website. Other systems have involved deeper synchronisation and my software has been responsible for "Pulling" from ERP and "Pushing" back orders, clients and enriched product data from the eCommerce system into the clients fulfilment systems.

These "Product Management"-type projects led me to get involved with the build of a new PIM (Product Information Management) system for one client, who is now selling the system to electrical wholesalers around the UK. I am still very involved with this project, helping the team of developers with architecture decisions, SQL performance tuning advice, and Azure consultancy.

Steel Beam Calculator

I partnered with a Structural Engineer to setup a new online Steel Beam Calculation Company. The software that I created produced detailed PDF reports for Building Regulation approval using complex mathematical formulae.

Pure Umbraco and "Hybrid Umbraco" sites

I don't always build everything from scratch; if a client want a CMS then I will deploy Umbraco CMS. Often, I'll need to build a) new modules for Umbraco, or b) completely bespoke functionality outside of Umbraco, to seamlessly integrate with the Umbraco site.

Software for Health Research.
Desktop and Web.

I've worked with a two Russell Group Universities, writing software that allows academics to collaborate on research projects. This has been another long running relationship and over the years has involved building desktop apps in c# and Java to pseudonymise patient records; web software to manage users and projects; and real time systems and APIs to securely deliver aggregated Health Data to collaborating Health organisations.

Security and GDPR consultancy

I've helped organisations both by advising on GDPR best practices and by reviewing their applications and systems for security holes. I have several qualifications in this area (see my CV for the full list!). Application and Server Security has always been something that has interested me, although not a full time specialist, I'm generally more able to spot security risks than most Developers.

Migration, Hosting & Support (SLAs)

Clients have come to me with ancient software written by "long gone" contractors and asked me to "make it work" again. This often involves upgrades to both the application frameworks, and the server(s). I offer hosting and support in cases like this, and now have several clients for whom I provide applications hosting with Service Level Agreements. I also manage secure off-site backups for confidential information.