John Croasdale

Freelance .NET Developer

How I can help agencies:

Host or Amend existing .NET code

Has your client handed you a ZIP file with some .NET code in it and you have no idea what to do with it?
Maybe your client's previous agency was a .NET house and they need you to support or host their existing systems?
I can host any .NET applications on Azure and can often make amends to "closed systems" i.e. compiled DLLs where the source code is not available, of course having the source code makes things easier!
I can offer SLAs around service availability and can guarantee my own availability (for the right price).
I am full time Freelance, I've been doing this every day for the last 12 years, this is my livelihood! I'm not planning on packing it all in and leaving you in the lurch any time soon.

Diagnose Database Problems

Does your client have a SQL Server that's not running properly? I can help disagnose problems with SQL Server. Some diagnosis can be done without source code or application access.

Help with "on prem" Servers or Azure

I've been working with Windows servers for a long time, with both "Development" and "SysAdmin" hats on. I'll be able to help with any Server issues you have, or can advise on Azure if that's where you client wants to head. I also have a lot of expertise with VPNs, Firewalls and Networks in general.

Work with Data
SQL Queries/ Migrations/ Imports/
Exports/ Reports

I love SQL Server! I can help you get data in or out. Maybe you need some overnight import or export jobs creating, or perhaps just a one-off data cleaning task is required.